Thursday, 17 October 2019 13:22

Golden Jubilee Celebration

Om Sai Ram Remembering 50 years since the first sweet songs of Sai were sung in South Africa, The Sathya…
Offering our Gratitude and Love to Swami on Sri Sathya Sai Aradhana Mahotsavam - April 24, 2019 Dear Brothers and…
Aum Sai Ram The Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust (SSSCT), the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation (SSSSO) of India and…
Sunday, 24 February 2019 15:09

Spiritual Significance of Mahasivarathri

Dear Brothers and Sisters,OM Sri Sai Ram.I am happy to share a video message, with subtitles, from Dr. Narendranath Reddy,…
Saturday, 23 February 2019 08:16

Join the National Media Team

Are you passionate about MediaIf you have skills in videography, photography, social media, Joomla CMS, document formatting or graphic design…
Tuesday, 12 February 2019 17:05

Online Study Circle - The Divinity of Energy

National Online Study Circle Series: Inner-G: The Divinity of EnergyAs a part of the international Serve The Planet Initiative, we…
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"The main objective of the Sathya Sai Organization ... is to help you recognize the divinity inherent in you. So, your duty is to emphasize the One, to experience the One in all you do or speak. Do not give importance to differences of religion, sect, status, or color. Have the feeling of one-ness permeate all your acts. Only those who do so have a place in this Organization; the rest can withdraw."

January 6, 1975

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