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Covid-19 Support Team

Aum Sai Ram

In honour of the Ideal Mother and personification of Eternal Unconditional Love, we dedicate this support structure towards Covid-19 relief.


Never feel alone. If you are in need of any medical advice or feel alone, helpless, fearful, anxious, sad, or are in need of or know of anyone in need of food or medication, or any other assistance:

You may contact the SSIO-SA Medical or deputy medical coordinators via your Centre/Regional President.

Alternatively contact the following support team for advice.

Sr Thenisha Maharajh
084 7022 665


Here are a few COPING STRATEGIES  
•    ROUTINE:   Structure your day. Create a “to do list” which is achievable.
•    STRESS MANAGEMENT:  Stress is unavoidable, However being aware of your triggers and implementing adequate coping strategies is essential for your mental health.
•    SELF CARE:  Make sure you have enough sleep (7-9hrs a night) . Sleep helps with keeping serotonin levels at bay. Exercise daily and avoid unhealthy foods. Don’t forget to indulge in some “Me Time".
•    CONTACT :  During this time we are encouraged to maintain physical distancing but this does not mean that we have to stay away from our social contacts.We can still keep in touch by using virtual communication. Maintaining contact with loved ones is healthy for our mental state.
•    LIMIT MEDIA INTAKE : Stay informed but limit media intake. Ensure that you get information from credible sources.

Social services and counseling:

Sr Eurakha Singh
083 780 2374
(6pm to 9pm)
To provide psycho-social support to devotees to cope with challenges and stress during the COVID 19 crisis by:
Providing an empathetic and listening ear.
Providing guidance, support and advice if required.
Provide referrals to resources available to assist in the community.
Assist with coping mechanisms to deal with issues and problems.

Medical :
Dr Lalitha Badul
083 777 2992
(6pm to 9pm)

Dr Bashini Naidoo
083 977 3333


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