What is This Organisation About?

The Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation is a spiritual organisation founded under the inspiration and guidelines of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, for the benefit of the whole of mankind, not having any distinction or separateness on the basis of religion, race, nationality, caste, creed or sect. Around the world, the Sathya Sai Seva centres consist of members of different ethnic groups and different religions, all pursuing their respective religions and fulfilling the teachings of their religions, but joining together for the service of mankind with the firm faith that service to man is service to God.

The organization is a managed on a “NOT FOR PROFIT” basis and in no way advocates the collection of funds in the public arena.

Who can be a member?
Any individual who is willing to follow the objectives, rules and regulations of the organisation may associate himself/herself with the work and programme of a Sathya Sai Centre. There is no fee or subscription for membership.

What are the objectives of the organisation?

1. To help the individual to a. Be aware of the Divinity that is inherent in them and to conduct themselves accordingly
b. Translate into practice in daily life, Divine Love and perfection
c. Fill one’s life with joy, harmony, grace, beauty, human excellence and
lasting happiness

2. To ensure that all human relations are governed by the principles of Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, Love and Non-violence

3. To make devotees of any religion more sincere and dedicated in the practice of their respective religions.

How are these objectives attained?

1. By observing the 4 principles laid down by Bhagawan Baba, namely…

There is only one religion, the religion of LOVE
There is only one language, the language of HEART
There is only one caste, the caste of HUMANITY
There is only one God, He is OMNIPRESENT

2. By constant remembrance of God and looking upon all creations only as manifestations of Divinity in different forms and shapes

3. By underlining the essential unity of all religions and securing a proper understanding of all religions as being based on Love

4. By looking upon all work as service dedicated to the Divine

5. By bringing to bear upon all life’s problems, attitudes, flowing from Divine Love, such as understanding, tolerance, compassion, helpfulness etc.

6. By basing all actions on love of divinity, fear of sin and steadfast observance of morality in society.

7. By engaging in spiritual, educational and service activities, both at the individual and community level, in an organized and systematic manner without expecting material reward or appreciation.

Reference: Loving Welcome, Sri Sathya Sai Central Council of SA

What are the activities of the organisation?

Healthcare in the Sathya Sai Organisation:

Baba has often stated that the body is the temple that houses our soul and we need to maintain good physical health at all times. It is for this reason, that Baba has opened two Super Speciality hospitals in India and he has led the way for focus on healthcare to the disadvantaged, in many countries. In the South African context, whereby poverty is rife, herein lays a golden opportunity to bring primary healthcare to those people who cannot afford such treatment. The Sathya Sai Organisation of S.A, has, for many years, been facilitating big medical clinics. Examinations such us routine blood pressure check ups to cholesterol tests to administration of medication to disadvantaged people have been done on a regular basis throughout the country with the grace of Baba. The organisation is always appealing to devotees with medical expertise to come forward and assist in such projects.


1. Offer free medical care to isolated areas of need.

2. Serve as a diagnosing unit for identification of serious ailments in order to refer patients to hospitals.

3. Serve as a general practitioner able to diagnose and treat ailments in line with a GP practice.

4. Create awareness by educating patients on health and hygiene related issues.

5. Maintain database in order to identify trends.

6. Implement an extensive Education in Human Values programme that will be completely integrated into the Healthcare programme. Make people aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy body in relation to having a peaceful life.

7. Integrate education and advise on environmental issues such as saving water, using biodegradable chemicals, prevent litter etc.


1. Provide health care to people residing in remote areas that would not necessarily have access to health facilities.

2. Start a prevention programme whereby people are educated and taught about health related issues such as hygiene, diagnosis of certain illnesses, and symptoms of certain illnesses.

3. Offer a holistic approach to health care including Naturopathy and Homeopathy.

4. Educate people on the effects of diet on ones health. Develop nutritional programs based on the resources available in the area.

EHV (Education in Human Values) Classes

This is a universal programme which helps bring out human values that are latent in a child. The topics covered are basically the human values and the sub-values i.e. Truth, Right Action, Peace, Love and Non-Violence. The lessons will comprise as follows: Silent sitting Value based stories Quotations Value based songs Interactive sessions

EHV is a process, designed by the Master Himself, if practiced sincerely, will definitely reveal the hidden potentialities in us. These potentialities are like ‘capsules’ within us, and with continued practice, these ‘capsules’ begin to open up and expand and grow within us, and thereby become a part of us. Therefore we become Divine. There are so many ‘capsules’ e.g. Self-confidence, love, patience, illumined intellect, etc. It is amazing to see what one is capable of doing when one starts to practice EHV. The sky then really becomes the limit!

Our children are exposed to an external environment, which has a lot of negative influence. But EHV works on the very being and essence of a child / person, so therefore no influence will affect one who is engaged in EHV with LOVE and FAITH, because EHV has already taken root and thereby directs us. A child is like a tree – a tree can only be shaped correctly when it is a sapling; but once a tree it cannot be bend or straightened; so too a child can be corrected and taught good values and this becomes part of life; but one can not change the thoughts of an adult.

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